"my grand mother's house "

A traditional berber house in the Atlas


Services included in pricing :


pointrental of the entire house

point linen, towels  

pointstaff member (2 persons) working 8 hours a day. Habiba can cook meals for you. You will agree with her on what you would like to eat. Mustapha will go shopping to the market for you, and will ask you you need to spend for his purchase.

The bread for the breakfest is cooked every day.

You can also choose from the menu with set prices. We made the choice to set up prices close to the real cost, considering that cooking is part of free service.

               see the le menu_________



pointthe breakfest

moroccan breakfast with fresh traditional breads, traditional pastries, fresh orange juice



petit dejeuner

pointriding on the donkey of the house.

pointdiscovery of traditional handcrafts:

- Weaving jellabas tissues (the most famous of Morocco)
- Carpet weaving


pointsearch for minerals in the gorges of Oued el Abid (30 minutes by foot):





Services on demand :

pointhiking in the Atlas


four du potier

pointtrip to Ouzoud falls

four du potier

point trips iin the Geoparc M'Goun

(fossil footprints of dinosaurs, Berber villages)

four du potier

pointand of course, for children (young and old), the camels

four du potier